April 10, 2017

Game On! Photo Gallery (3/27/17-3/31/17)

During this week of camp we put the kids to work doing what they do best – playing! We spent our days trying out all sorts of sneaky games, running games, team games, and everything in between. Some favorites were Scout Mission, Windigo, Bum Bum Bum, Doxeneye, and Dragon’s Egg. After each game we had […]


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April 4, 2017

Whittling & Woodcraft (3/27/17-3/31/17)

We had a week filled with creating out at Brumley Forest! We practiced whittling techniques on projects like gnomes and snakes and moved on to using a few tools like a hand saw and hand drill to complete our wall hooks. The end of the week saw us lashing our river cane into a variety […]

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