Frequently Asked Questions: Hiatus

How long will Schoolhouse be closed?

We’ll remain closed until it’s safe and feasible for us to run programs again. Our board of directors will continue to monitor our local public health situation, and we’ll provide updates as soon as they’re available. 

Given the current situation, we’re hoping to run camps again in the summer of 2021. 

Will I still be able to reach someone if needed?

Our email and social media accounts will continue to be monitored, but only in a very limited capacity. For example, we’ll likely check and respond to emails and phone messages just once each week. If you do reach out, please be patient and trust that we’ll respond as soon as we’re able. 

Will your phone number remain active?

Our phone number (919-477-2116) will remain active, although there may be a bit of a lapse as we transition from our office phone service to a more flexible option. You’re welcome to leave a voicemail, but we encourage you to email us at if you need to reach us.

Do you still have a mailing address?

Yes. Though we will not have a physical office during this time, we will continue to be able to receive mail. We will provide our new mailing address as soon as we’re able.

I have an outstanding credit. Will it expire?

Expiration dates on all outstanding credits will be extended until at least December 2021. It is possible that credits will be extended to a later date based on our program offerings. If your credit is set to expire on December 31, 2020, you will be issued a new credit code. 

How will I know when you begin to offer programs again?

Don’t worry! Staff will howl as loudly as possible, send up smoke signals, release carrier pigeons, and deploy biodegradable messages-in-a-bottle.

If you prefer a more traditional communication method, we’ll continue to offer programming updates via our website and social media. You can also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage