Want to help dirty, tired, happy kids become kind, curious, confident young people?

There are a number of ways, large and small, to join the Schoolhouse team. Here's a list depending on how much time you have to offer.  

If you've got 5-30 minutes: 

  • Sign up for our electronic newsletter. We understand the perils of an overstuffed inbox so we limit our electronic newsletter to just two issues each month unless there's a special event that merits an additional one.
  • Share your social network. Many of us have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts, etc. Help out by promoting Schoolhouse programs and events to your group of friends for free. 
  • Introduce us to your friends and colleagues. If you know of teachers at your child’s school, a civic club, a workplace, a neighborhood group or listserve, a community calendar, or any other group that may benefit from having additional information about Schoolhouse, please let us know.

If you've got 30 - 60 minutes:

  • Grant a wish. Visit our wishlist and make a helpful purchase. 
  • Mobilize your employer. Many employers support local charities in a variety of ways, from allowing time off to volunteer, to providing matching funds for monetary gifts. Even if your company is small, working together can make a big difference for our kids.

If you've got a couple hours:

  • Donate time and skills. Schoolhouse has a long list of needed tasks that range from low-skill to highly specialized and include just about everything in between. Give us a call to determine the best use of your unique (or not-so-unique) set of skills.
  • Volunteer at a Schoolhouse event. Several times each year, Schoolhouse participates in community events to help spread the word about our mission and programs. Volunteering to represent Schoolhouse at an informational table during a community event or similar opportunity is a tremendous benefit to the organization. A brief training is required to ensure that our volunteers have all of the information they need.
  • Take photographs. Outdoor Camps and Field Trips lend themselves extremely well to being photographed. Our staff are fully engaged in activities with children and we often miss great photo opportunities. No professional skills required.

If you've got 3-4 hours or more each month:

  • Serve on the Schoolhouse of Wonder Board of Directors. As a 501 ©(3) nonprofit corporation, Schoolhouse of Wonder is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board performs essential governance tasks, ensures that Schoolhouse operates in accordance with its mission and within legal, financial, and ethical standards, and serves as ambassadors to the community. We are continuing to grow our board and are currently seeking members with skills and experience in elementary education/programming, fundraising/development, human resources, and marketing/communications.  Board members are expected to attend monthly board meetings, and working sub-committee meetings as needed. Although a financial contribution is expected, more important is a willingness to take an active role in developing the organization through the donation of time, skills, and energy.

If you see an area of skill/interest, please complete and submit our volunteer application and we'll give you a call. Please note that some volunteer opportunities will require a background check.