Our Board

No nonprofit can exist without having a board of directors, but at Schoolhouse, we could not thrive without our dedicated board who gives tirelessly of their time, talent, and passion for kids. 

Board Officers

Rebecca Dodder, Senior Physical Scientist/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Board Member Since: 2015

Rebecca serves on the board of directors for Schoolhouse because of the tremendous impact that Schoolhouse has had on her sons and family.  “I honestly feel that it has made us better, kinder, more empathetic people,” she says, adding: “As a bonus, we can also identify snakes and plants better than many!” 

What she most appreciates about Schoolhouse of Wonder is its people. Schoolhouse of Wonder is a camp where children learn and grow through exploration and play; her family keeps coming back to camp because the wonder and excitement continues year after year.  “It is all of the people at Schoolhouse, from the home office to sites across all three counties, that make this happen,” she says. Together, they create opportunities for wonder and magic that seem so natural and spontaneous, but require a tremendous amount of organization, programming, training, and planning. 

Rebecca felt so strongly about this, she jumped at the opportunity to see this organization grow and serve even more families in our communities, including families who might have financial or other barriers to attending camp.  She loves serving on the board because by supporting this organization, she feels that she can support other families to have this same opportunity.  And, she adds, “it doesn’t hurt that the board and staff are interesting, fun, and passionate people who are great to be around!”  

Rebecca also supports a number of environmental education outreach events through the EPA’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Outreach Program in Research Triangle Park.  As part of that program, she develops science-based games and interactive activities to help kids learn about energy, climate, and air quality. Rebecca was also a Citizen Teacher (8 semesters) through Citizen Schools, teaching about renewable energy and air quality. Originally from Colorado, Rebecca has lived all over, from Spain to Boston to Mexico City…but North Carolina is now home!

Considering serving as a board member?
Rebecca urges you to come with your ideas, excitement, open mind, and a sense of humor. She shares: “In our strategic planning, we are exploring how Schoolhouse will look 10 years from now, and we welcome new energy and excitement to our board.”  

Board Member       
Jen Costanza, Research Assistant Professor, NC State University Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Board Member Since: 2018

Jen is a parent of two kids who are not yet old enough for Schoolhouse, and she can’t wait until they are old enough for camp! Schoolhouse’s mission of kind, curious, and confident matches the qualities she hopes to instill in her kids…and to her, playing outdoors sounds like the perfect way to spend a childhood. She loves that at Schoolhouse, differences are celebrated, and everyone is treated with kindness and respect. Kids can be themselves, run wild [with careful supervision], get dirty, while learning to appreciate one another. Jen serves on the board because she believes in Schoolhouse’s mission, vision, and values; and she enjoys working with and learning from the other board members, who are creative, imaginative, and hard-working.

To Jen, Schoolhouse is much more than an outdoor camp. Yes, it’s outside, but at Schoolhouse the outdoors is the setting for teaching kids self-efficacy, respect for others, and curiosity about the world around them.

Jen also volunteers as coordinator of student travel awards for her professional organization in landscape ecology, where she distributes grants to students so they can travel to present their scientific research at the organization’s annual conference.        

Considering serving as a board member?
Jen shares, “A little bit of your time can make a big difference to Schoolhouse! As a board member, your views and ideas are respected and valued. Please share some time with us, help out, and you’ll see that effort pay off really quickly.”

Board Member
Paul Mosca    
Pronouns: he/him/his/they/them
Board Member Since: 2015              

Why is Schoolhouse of Wonder such a special organization? To answer that question, Paul quotes Baba Dioum, “In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”

Participating on the board for Schoolhouse of Wonder gives Paul the opportunity to learn deep leadership practices that are decentralized, self-aware, mature, and connected to community.

He feels that our nation and the planet are in a “moment of change,” and that we need a shift from the existing power leadership paradigm to fix the problems facing our planet. In his words, “we can do this by connecting people to the outdoors and teaching leadership principles of kindness, curiosity, and confidence.” Schoolhouse of Wonder provides paradigm shifting leadership experiences for the next generation.

Paul also serves as a volunteer with the Carrboro Arts Center Ceramic Center, the Marbles Kids Museum, and with WUNC Radio.

Considering serving on the board?
Paul advises spending a half a day at camp–choose from camps in Orange, Durham, and Wake counties. And, he adds, “Stay curious.”       

Board Member
John Offenberg, Senior Research Chemist, US Environmental Protection Agency
Board Member Since: 2016    

Schoolhouse of Wonder has helped thousands of Triangle children to grow, encouraging kind, creative minds through outdoor activity. As a board member, John enjoys helping build the organization and encouraging greater access to Schoolhouse across the Triangle. Why Schoolhouse? He loves that Schoolhouse instills confidence and freedom in children through artful outdoor activities. 

Considering serving on the board?
John encourages you: “Come give it a try.  There are great people here, doing wonderful work.”


Did you know? Schoolhouse of Wonder is 30 years old this year! 

We are excited to spend some time this year looking back at where we have been and continuing to forge our new path going forward.          

If you have a passion for Schoolhouse, find yourself telling anyone who will listen to you about how amazing Schoolhouse is, or have a skill set that you think can help in the many aspects of a non-profit organization, reach out to us!    

Contact us via email: board@schoolhouseofwonder.org