How To Add Aftercare

The regular pick up time for 5-7 year old camp is between 3:00p and 3:30p. If you prefer to pick up between 5:00p and 5:30p, sign up for aftercare!

Want to add aftercare to a camp you haven’t added to your cart yet?

When you’re registering for a 5-7 year old camp, you’ll have the option to add aftercare before you add the camp to your cart. Look in the upper right corner for the drop-down menu.

Want to add aftercare once the camp is in your cart?

The easiest way is to return the camp’s specific page and re-add your child with aftercare, and then remove the camp without aftercare from your cart. (We recommend adding the camp with aftercare before you delete the camp without. If you delete your camp without aftercare first, you could lose your spot before you could re-add the camp.)

Need to add aftercare for an order that’s already completed?

Not to worry! Simply sign into your account and then click the link below, select the child you’d like to sign up for aftercare, select the corresponding camp, and add it to your cart. You need to be logged into your account to add aftercare to already purchased orders. 

This link will take you to that page or to sign into your account: