Staff Documents

Congratulations and welcome to the team! We’re so excited to see our team grow as we get closer to camp. We made this page to help you have the resources you need to complete all of the steps before your first day.

All of these documents are required before you can begin work. Please follow the timelines and due dates outlined in your email. All documents may be printed, filled out, and brought in or mailed OR filled in and emailed to

Staff Questionnaire

This questionnaire asks for some information we need to get you in all the systems of Schoolhouse! This form is not complete until all sections are filled and all pictures and certifications are uploaded.

Background Check Release

All of our employees must complete a background check release form to authorize us to perform a background check. You can find the form here. If you are under 18, please have your parent or guardian sign.

Emergency Contact and Health Information

Please complete this document so, in the event we need it, we’ll know about any health concerns, your insurance information, and who to contact.

I-9 Documents

Every employee must prove their eligibility to legally work in the United States. Find out information about accepted I-9 documents here and download the form here. We will make a copy of your I-9 documents on your first day of work, so remember to bring all needed documents!

Federal Tax Documents

Every employee must fill out a W-4 form to let us know the appropriate taxes to withhold. Here is information on the W-4 form and where to download it.

State Tax Documents

Every employee must fill out this state tax form to let us know the appropriate taxes to withhold. Here is the link to the NC-4EZ form. If you need to, you may fill out the (more lengthy) NC-4 form.

Other Things We’ll Need

There are few things we’ll need from you on your first day of work (or before, if we see you in person). If you have any questions about what to bring, please reach out.

  • I-9 Documents. In addition to the form above, you’ll need to bring some ID. The most common combinations we see are passports or a driver’s license plus social security card (although these aren’t the only options). Photocopies of these documents are not allowed, we need to see the originals.
  • A voided check or bank routing numbers. We’ll deposit your paycheck directly into your bank account.
  • All staff are emailed our Policies and Procedures. These must be read, with the appropriate pages signed, before Saturday, May 19th (staff training).

If you’d like to see a checklist of all required paperwork, you can see one here.