July 7, 2017

Hide and Seek: Art of Camouflage Photo Gallery

Our week of camouflage was a great success! We learned all about different things to think about when trying to blend in (shapes, colors, shadows, and textures). Nature provided the materials we used to disguise ourselves including plenty of mud, leaves, and grasses. Our skills were put to the test as we played many hiding and sneaking games including Eagle Eye, Beckon, and an extra sneaky version of Scout Mission. Creek time was a favorite of many campers this week. An epic battle between islands, creek jumping, getting across the creek using a skinny log, building a dam, and looking for critters filled our time at Stony Creek. Take a look at our pics to see some of the awesome things we did. If you see a picture that looks like nothing is happening, look again – we’re probably just camouflaged!