September 26, 2016

Last Week in Old Timey Camp

Highlights from a fantastic week in Old Timey Adventures camp:

  • Built an old timey village with armory, cabin, bank, stores, and even a mayor. Toward the end of the week there was even a bank robbery and courtroom drama.
  • Archery, cross-cut saw, old-time games like graces and hoop n’ darts
  • Primitive fire-making with quartz and steel
  • Six Feathers, werewolf, storm the castle, kick the can, beckon, sock wars, attack and defend
  • Singing on hike to secret beach and for the other group (moose song)
  • Secret beach and Sennett’s Hole
  • Stories like tailey bone and brer rabbit
  • Plant walk and pine needle tea
  • Big yellow yellow bellied slider, rough green snake, 5-lined skink
  • Overnight camp out – evening water time in the river, sleeping outside, meteors, making scrambled pancakes and butter