June 14, 2019

Operation Exploration Photo Gallery

Our 2019 Summer started out with a fantastic week of rambling and exploring Brumley Forest! We got the chance to be the first campers of the summer to check out different base camps and water spots and find out what has changed since the spring season. Campers had a chance to try their hand at whittling, with many campers proving their skills through learning the whittling rules and creating flat-sided objects, spears, and butter knives. We practiced our tracking skills by looking for animal signs, homes, scat, and bones. With our warm weather, we also got to see and catch an earth snake, queen snake, and a good sized black rat snake! When we weren’t exploring, we filled our time with games like Sock Wars and Scout Mission, climbing in Viney Village, and splashing in the creek. What a way to kick off our summer season!