July 28, 2017

Questions To Ask Your Sapling Camper – Friday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…


  1. On Wednesday your group joined Buffalo Camp for a game of Sock Wars. How do you play? Who was the “Jedi” for your team? What does the Jedi do in the game? Did either team win?
  2. So far this week your group has been catching lots of river critters at water time. What have you seen and caught? How did you catch them? Did you release them? (HINT: minnows and crayfish)
  3. Tell me about what you have done at song and story time this week? Do you have a favorite song or story?

BUFFALO CAMP (Robin’s Group)

  1. Your group has spent lots of time playing and exploring at the Eno River this week. What is your favorite thing to do at water time? Have you gone down the chute? What is the chute? What has the water felt like this week?
  2. On Thursday your group had some free time at Buffalo Camp to explore and search for critters. What did you do during free time? What does Buffalo Camp look like?
  3. On Thursday your group got to see a copperhead snake in the forest! What did it look like? Was it hard to see? Why? How can you tell a copperhead apart from other snakes? Is it venomous?