November 2, 2017

Questions to Ask Your Spooky Shenanigans Camper – Thursday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

  1. Wednesday morning we built monsters and did a little face painting.  Which one did you enjoy more?  How did you choose your materials for your monster? How did you choose what you wanted to be painted on your face? 
  2. Yesterday the group found a rough green snake! What other reptiles have you seen this week?  If you chose to touch the rough green snake what did it feel like?  How long was it? Was it thick or slim?  (To learn more about our local amphibians and reptiles visit
  3. This morning the group continued to work on their fire-building skills.  What frame did the group choose to use?  How do you light a match correctly?  Why is it important to respect fire?