March 30, 2017

Questions to ask your Wild Huts camper (Thursday)

If you’re curious about what your child has been up to in camp this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…  

  • Wednesday was a big reptile day. What were some of the reptiles you found?  Have you found any other reptiles this week in addition to Wednesday’s?  Which one was the smallest?  Which one was the largest?
  • Thursday we began our day with a fire that the group built together.  What did it take to get the fire started?  Did you learn anything new about campfires?  What did they use to start a fire a long time ago?  
  • Construction for the second hut has begun. What is different about this hut from the first?  What is similar?  If you had to choose to live in one of the huts which one would you choose and why? *We are crossing our fingers that we can have family circle at base camp so that all of you can see these incredible huts. Rain rain go away, come again another day!