July 13, 2017

Questions to ask your Woodpecker camper – Thursday

If you’re curious about what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

BLACKFEATHER (Stephanie’s Group)
1. On Wednesday, your group played Double Sock Wars with the Buffalo group. How do you play Sock Wars? Where did you play? Who was your team’s Jedi? What does the Jedi do in the game? Did either team win?
2. On Thursday you had extra water time in the Eno River. What did you do at water time? Did you go down the chute? What is the chute?
3. So far this week, many people in your group have been whittling and exploring around Blackfeather Camp for critters. Have you done any whittling? What did you make? Have you seen any critters? What kind?

BUFFALO (Nico’s Group)
1. Tell me what games you have played so far this week. How are they different? Which has been your favorite? Why?
2. Do you like having water time at Crooked Creek or the Eno River better? Why? How are they different? (BONUS: what fruit was your group playing catch with at the River on Thursday?)
3. On Thursday your group found a giant caterpillar right before song & story time! What did it look like? What was it doing? Where did you find it?