August 9, 2018

Questions to Ask Your Earth Journals Camper – Thursday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

GNARLY STUMP CAMP (Ebonee’s Group)

  1. This week we were lucky enough to play a game not often played at Schoolhouse, called Spear Finger. What was the story that went along with this game? What are the different roles that people can be in the game?
  2. Today our group came up with our own version of a Schoolhouse classic. We called it Sock Wars 5.0. What elements of the game did we change? What other games at Schoolhouse do you wish that you could reinvent?
  3. Yesterday our group went to the jumping rock. Did you choose to jump? How did it feel to stand on the edge above the water?

TURTLE CAMP (Melissa’s Group)

  1. Yesterday we took a hike to a special part of the park called the Amphitheater. What sorts of things did you see on the hike? We played a rousing game of Six Feathers while we were there. What makes the amphitheater a good spot to play this game?
  2. Each day we get to check out new areas of the river. What are your favorite areas? What makes some areas more fun than others?
  3. This week we’ve learned a lot about taking care of our earth. What are some of the ways we can make sure we’re caring for the forest and different areas of the park? How do we show respect to the animals that we share the park with?