August 9, 2018

Questions to Ask Your Inchworm Camper – Thursday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

BLACKFEATHER CAMP and BUFFALO CAMP (Carson’s Group and Pat’s Group)

  1. This week we’ve played so many fun games! Sock Wars, Band-Aid tag, Dragon’s egg, and more. Which game has been your favorite? Tomorrow is Democratic Friday where campers get to vote on what activity the group does. What game do you hope your group will play?
  2. We spend time running around the woods and splashing in the river and often we stumble upon some awesome creatures in their natural habitats. What have you seen this week? Is there any animal or insect that you had never seen before? (Hint: We’ve seen northern water snakes, a luna moth, and a lizard).
  3. Today for water time we ventured into new areas of the river. Do you know the name of where your camp group went? (Hint: Crooked Creek or Black Meadow Branch) What was this water spot like? How do you like to spend water time each day? (splash fights, creature hunting, building mud houses, etc)