June 14, 2022

Questions to Ask Your River Romp Camper – Tuesday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

Blackfeather (Callie’s Group)

  • We’ve played a few games so far this week; what has been our theme for these games? (Hint: Colonel Sanders)
  • Did you see any interesting wildlife at the river? (Maybe a northern watersnake?)
  • Did you participate in fort-building? What did the forts look like? What might you add next time?

Gnarly Stump (Alexei’s Group)

  • We played Werewolf, a tagging game where everyone gets assigned an animal. Do you remember your animal? Did you get tagged?
  • There were a LOT of snakes in the river on Monday! What did they look like? What were they doing? Did you see the ones fighting over the fish?
  • Did you hear any stories from counselors? What were they about? (Note: This group often requests scary stories. We do a mix.)