March 29, 2019

Roaming and Rambling: New Adventures Photo Gallery

Our first camp of the spring was a big success! Cool mornings led to warm afternoons, with plenty of time to explore many different parts of Brumley Forest. We got to hide, sneak, and run through the forest as we played games like Kick the Can, Beckon, Werewolf, and Scout Mission. We dipped our toes into the (chilly) Stony Creek and skipped rocks, found salamander eggs, and adventured without getting too wet. Two of our best nature sightings were American toad eggs (laid in a corkscrew pattern, not a blob) and a great blue heron. Whether we were climbing trees, hanging from grapevines, whittling, or trying out a forest rope swing, we had a great week rambling and roaming through Brumley Forest!