July 30, 2018

Sapling Photo Gallery

Our week of Sapling camp was a blast! We had great luck finding critters of Brumley Forest in the fields, creeks, and woods. A few salamanders, a northern water snake, and plenty of crayfish were just a few of the great things we got to see and catch. Games were another highlight of the week and culminated in an all-camp game of Six Feathers. Campers zigged and zagged their way across the field trying to gather all six feathers while avoiding their tails being stolen – it was a very fun game! Storytelling and songs, forts and whittling, viney village, and even some spy training filled in the rest of our week. It was a great week that really did end with all of us dirty, tired, and happy. Check out our photo gallery to get a glimpse of our week!