Our Guarantee

Dirty, Tired, Happy. Or your money back. It’s really that simple*

We will return your child dirty, tired, and happy – or we will refund your child’s remaining camp registration.*

Our camps present a unique opportunity for children to grow and learn. While we’re confident and proud of our camps, we realize that no one community is a perfect fit for every child. So we offer you our Dirty, Tired, Happy Guarantee to build trust. We don’t know a better way to demonstrate the confidence we have in our programs than by putting our money where our mouth is.

If you and your child decide that our camp is not the right fit and choose to not return, we’ll refund your camp registration for the remaining days of the camp week.

*Our Dirty, Tired, Happy Guarantee provides a prorated registration refund to any child who chooses to not complete their registered camp week, with the exception of those who have been asked not to return for a violation of camp rules. We will take your registration payment, divide by the number of camp days for a daily rate, multiply by the number of days your child will not be attending, and refund your credit card.

To obtain a refund under our Dirty, Tired, Happy Guarantee, all you have to do is send us a written request within a week stating that our camp is not a good fit for your child and that you would like a refund for the remaining days of the camp week. It’s that simple. Guaranteed.

We recognize that we might not be the right fit for your camper now, but as they grow and change, we may be a great fit in the future. Any camper who receives a Dirty, Tired, Happy refund is welcome to give camp another try at least one year (or more) after the refund.