From Our Teachers

Field Trips are one of our favorite programs at Schoolhouse of Wonder. Working with teachers to provide their students with a memorable learning experience is our goal, and we love receiving Teacher Testimonials letting us know the impact of a field trip.

Casa Esperanza Montessori, 2nd Grade

Students were really interested and excited. They asked many questions and the instructor answered with patience and words that they could understand.

Guy B. Teachey Elementary, 4th Grade

Really enjoyed seeing what we have learned come to life. This is much more meaningful for them to get out of the classroom and experience the cultural history.

Easley Elementary, 5th Grade

The instructor was very professional and knowledgable about the ecosystem in the park. She was kind with the students and made it fun for the students. She asked great questions making the students engaged.

Vandora Springs Elementary, 3rd Grade

My students loved learning about bugs and other wildlife. They also enjoyed the chance to eat natural plants and learn where some things like wild ginger come from. It was a joy to see them running around the woods in the excitement of exploration.

KIPP GCP Primary, 2nd Grade

You were so engaging! This is unlike anything our students have done and they rocked! Your patience and warm tone was wonderful. The activities provided made the information “sticky” for them. I can’t wait to talk with them more about what they learned today.

Morris Grove Elementary, 2nd Grade

They were VERY excited and curiosity was greatly increased. I look forward to their engagement with learning about insects when we are back at school.

Morris Grove Elementary, 2nd Grade

Our students were highly engaged and excited in the curriculum and loved learning more about nature in an organic way. The outdoor classroom is the best!

Easley Elementary, 5th Grade

It was very interesting and enjoyable to watch the kids explore and open up about their knowledge and then the curiosity. Our instructor was very knowledgable on lots of things. This whole experience was amazing. Thank you so much!

Sterling Montessori Elementary, 1st Grade

One child said, ‘This was the best day I ever had’. I think that says it all. To have all the terrific, hands-on experience Schoolhouse of Wonder classes offer is fabulous. The children were engaged the entire time.

Hillandale Elementary, 3rd Grade

I loved the chance for my students to touch, smell, see, and taste parts of nature.

West Oxford Elementary School, 2nd Grade

After learning about them in the classroom, we were able to see insects in different stages of their life cycles. It brought learning to life for them.

Chesterbrook Academy

Excellent presentation! [The instructor] was a fantastic guide. She was in control of the class  and presented all information in an engaging and exciting way! This trip was fantastic and I look forward to returning again.  Amazing to be able to do all the hands on experience and we got to experience today. The tasting, butter making, trap constructing, touching, etc. was great!

Carrington Middle

This field trip experience allowed student and teacher to become one. Teachers modeled behavior and participated to create an enjoyable experience. The learning experience was extended from the classroom into nature.

Sandy Ridge Elementary

Students were extremely interested in observing/eating plants.  Students loved finding creatures in the river.  I really appreciate the ways students were given freedom to explore and to love nature!

EK Powe Elementary

Students who are not always engaged in science in the classroom were engaged today. Kids who don’t seem like “outdoor kids” were climbing and digging and discovering and asking questions.

Club Boulevard Elementary

It was absolutely wonderful to see/hear the high engagement and curiosity of students during our Ecosystems and Living Organisms field trip. This field trip is a perfect way to enhance our science curriculum of plants, soils, skeletal system and more!

Franklin Academy

My students were recalling information and vocabulary from our beginning of year science unit. [Our instructor] was an excellent guide and very kid-friendly. This was the best field trip that I have been on in my six years of teaching!

Morris Grove Elementary

We fully enjoyed being immersed in a very age appropriate program/experience. It was by far the best field trip we’ve been on. We’re looking forward to next year.

Burton Elementary

This is my third year coming; each year it’s something different, and my students absolutely love it. I love the storytelling at the end. Folklore and Native American tales are part of the common core and 4th grade Social Studies so this was great.

Easley Elementary

There are not any other programs like this in the area. We love that your leaders stop and teach when kids find cool things instead of sticking with the program.