August 3, 2018

Dragonfly Photo Gallery

Dragonfly campers had a great week filled with games, stories, and plenty of animal sightings! Our campers ducked, dodged, ran, and hid during some classic Schoolhouse games like Six Feathers, Sock Wars, Beckon and more. Creek time was a fantastic way to cool off and campers splashed hard, skipped rocks, got muddy, and caught plenty of crayfish (or crawdaddies, depending on who you ask!). True to the name, the dragonflies were really out this week zooming around the pond. Campers also got a chance to see a box turtle, toads, a baby snapping turtle, millipedes, and a ringneck snake. Fort building, whittling, climbing at Viney Village, and storytelling filled any free time we had left. Check out our photo gallery to get a glimpse into our awesome week!