August 3, 2018

Wild Plants and Herbs Photo Gallery

We had a very fun week learning all about the wild plants & herbs and their incredible properties! Campers worked on their identification skills, sampled some edible plants like autumn olive and wood sorrel, made some plant presses, and even made some leaf rubbings. We learned all about essential oils and the different properties they have and used them to make some custom bite & sting soother. We infused sunflower oil and combined it with beeswax and essential oils to make custom chapstick! While weren’t working on our plant knowledge, we were busy playing games in the forests and fields like Six Feathers, Beckon, and Bear Salmon Mosquito. We got to see a lot of critters including a great blue heron, toads, skinks, and of course plenty of crayfish! Whittling, crafting, and storytelling filled any time we had left. Check out our photo gallery to get a glimpse into our week!