Lend a Hand

Here are some very easy ways to help us out!

If you’ve got 5 – 30 minutes:

  • Sign up for our electronic newsletter: We understand the perils of an overstuffed inbox so we limit our electronic newsletter to just two issues each month unless there’s a special event that merits an additional one.
  • Share your social network: Many of us have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, etc. Help out by promoting Schoolhouse programs and events to your group of friends for free.

If you’ve got 30 – 60 minutes:

  • Mobilize your employer: Many employers support local charities in a variety of ways, from allowing time off to volunteer to providing matching funds for monetary gifts. Even if your company is small, working together can make a big difference for our kids.
  • Introduce us to your friends and colleagues: If you know of teachers at your child’s school, a civic club, a workplace, a neighborhood group or listserve, a community calendar, or any other group that may benefit from having additional information about Schoolhouse, please let us know.

If you know of other ways to lend a hand, drop us a line to let us know! Call us at 919-477-2116 or email us at schoolhouse@schoolhouseofwonder.org.