From Our Families

We love letters like these — family testimonials letting us know what it’s like seeing their kids come home from Schoolhouse with a heightened sense of confidence and accomplishment, along with a little dirt on their nose.


This camp is exactly what I want my kids doing, and these people are exactly the people I want my kids hanging out with. I could not possibly be any happier with the SoW.

Camp Mom

Let me just say that if I could, I would put my son in this track out camp EVERY track out. I LOVE that they were outside. I LOVE that they didn’t worry about getting dirty. I LOVE that counselors treated my 7-year-old like a 7-year-old and let him PLAY. Staff made me feel safe and confident that we had our son in a good place for the week. There are not words to thank you enough for providing this amazing camp for the community.

Wake Dad

My daughter really enjoyed this camp! She learned to whittle which was so cool, hiked and swam each day, and just got dirty which in my mind is what summer camp is all about! Kids these days spend way too much time inside so we are very happy we found this camp for her. We will definitely be back next summer for multiple weeks!

Wake Parent

We chose this camp because it sounded like the kind of low-pressure nature exploration that defined summer for us as children but that our children rarely get to experience. It lived up to and exceeded that expectation!

Kristen, Wake Parent

My daughter had wonderful stories to share about the wild life she had seen and the songs, stories and games she had learned. I was so impressed with how much independence and trust is given to the kids even at this young of an age; I believe it was a great confidence booster for my daughter.

Durham Mom

Our daughter loves it! She came home everyday talking about all of the fun adventures and hikes that her group went on. She boasted about being brave (touching a bug) and marveled us with random factoids she’d rediscovered as part of Schoolhouse camp!

Gretchen, Orange Parent

We all are so pleased with Schoolhouse of Wonder. The counselors are amazing and my daughter enjoyed every single minute of camp. Well, she hated pick up time because she didn’t want to leave! We have signed up for a third session and she is begging to stay for aftercare at that session. It is win-win! A camp she loves with activities that we all love. I grew up playing in the woods all day but my kiddo doesn’t have that opportunity. Schoolhouse of Wonder is the perfect solution!

Kate, Durham Parent

The counselors (including CITs and Jr. Counselors) were outstanding and I always felt my child was in good, safe care and knew he was having an absolute blast. Loved that they seemed flexible with adjusting activities to suit the campers they had rather than rigidly adhering to a pre-set curriculum.

Durham Parent

I love the songs that she comes home singing, the nature focused information she has acquired, and most of all, her enthusiastic foray into the art of armpit farting!!

Doreen, Wake Parent

After the Friday closing ceremony our son took us on a hike and showed us everything he’s seen and talked about everything he did. We usually can’t get him to tell us much about what he does during the day so this was a fantastic experience for us!

Durham Mom

My son had a really hard time at drop off: he was tired, had been traveling and really just wanted to be at home, etc. The staff could not have been more amazing at giving him support and space when he needed it: such kindness and savvy about how kids tick is so important and is much appreciated. He perked up, participated in the day, and had really positive things to say, all thanks to the counselors. And I knew that, if things really went south instead, channels of communication were open. Special thanks to the counselors. You all are the best!

Linda, Orange Parent

The camp was well run. The counselors were very friendly and showed openly that they enjoyed their time with the kids. The variety of activities was great, as well as the openness of unstructured time for just play. The best Vitamin “N”!

Tatia, Wake Parent

My child went into this camp having just moved to the area and knowing nobody else there, and came out with several good friends and greater knowledge of local plants and animals than his parents. The counselors did a great job keeping the kids safe, teaching them about nature, encouraging them to have fun, and helping them form new relationships.

Liz, Durham Parent

My son always enjoys his time at camp. He comes home excited about the games he played, the animals he saw, and the stuff he built. Thanks for encouraging our kids to get outside and explore their world.

Audrey, Orange Parent

My son really enjoyed attending the camp. The camp helped his confidence as he made friends that week despite being shy and not knowing any of the other campers.

Wake Parent

My child came home with lots of stories and plenty of dirt and smiles to back it up! I see such a positive change with spending so much time outside in the woods, learning, and doing interesting activities all day for the week. Thank you!

Robyn, Durham Parent

My son LOVED his week at Schoolhouse of Wonder – he even offered up an unsolicited “I love camp!” one evening at dinnertime. We feel so lucky he was able to experience a week outside in the river, hiking in the woods, playing games and even touching a water snake – we’re already looking forward to another week in August 🙂

Laura, Orange Parent

I love that the children had free play in nature and got to make most of their own decisions and take a lot of responsibility.

Leslie McClellan

The camp was fantastic. You guys kept our kid happy on a very cold day, and he loved his experience. He felt really proud of the skills he learned and was excited about the stories and games

My son’s enthusiasm, goodwill, and sense of accomplishment at the end of each day made us think that his counselors were doing awesome work.

David Berberian

As always my son had a great time at camp. You guys do an amazing job. I walked with him last weekend to see the village and it was awesome. We decided to spend some time adding to the big shelter that was up there. We recommend you guys all the time!

Nancy Wykle

We had heard great things about Schoolhouse. Even so, the camp exceeded our expectations. Our child went in with a group of older kids, and felt welcome, included and challenged. We can’t think of a single thing we would ask for her to have a better experience. She loved every minute that she was there. My daughter wants to come back. Soon. We are grateful for what you all do, and value the joy you give our child in experiencing the outdoors. We have already recommended the camp to other families. We hope the staff knows how deeply our family appreciates the privilege of being a part of what you all do.

Karrie Comatas

I love how happy he is when he comes home, and how much he enjoys the camp.  I trust the counselors immensely too.

Libby (Elizabeth Barron)

We had an AWESOME week! This was our first camp with y’all, but definitely not our last! I always know when my boys have a great week, not just by how much they report about each day, but by their attitudes throughout the week. They were definitely tired, but full of joy and excitement each day after camp and even through this weekend. The boys also had lots to talk about every day after camp! I think counselors always make the camp and all of your counselors are loving and fun and full of energy! Thank you all for filling my kids with wonder and joy and love!”