June 29, 2017

Outdoor Survival Skills (Orange) Photo Gallery

Brumley Forest… Survive It! Our campers had a blast learning all sorts of survival skills this week! The wet weather made dew collection even easier (although the solar still and plant respiration bags had a harder time). Shelter building was a huge hit and debris shelters were made in both classic and more unique styles. This was also a great week for learning about edible plants. Blackberries, autumn olive, and wild cherries were ripening making for a sweet treat. It wouldn’t be a complete survival week without a little fire making!  Our campers learned fire making strategies and got to practice steel striker fires with our plentiful quartz rocks. This wasn’t only about survival though – campers saw tons of awesome wildlife including a black racer (snake) and a huge luna moth! When we weren’t adventuring or surviving, we were cooling off in the creek or playing some classic Schoolhouse games. It was a great week and we’re happy to send off another camp group into the world with more survival knowledge and skills!