June 29, 2017

Hawk Photo Gallery (Orange)

Our Hawk campers soared through a great week at Brumley Forest. Some overnight rains created a perfect setting for what would become Mudfest 2017. Mud face paint, mud sculptures, and mud between the toes were just a few of the ways campers enjoyed the week. The Boneyard was a fantastic setting to do some nature building and a giant, 6-foot hawk nest was built with a comfortable mossy floor. Games were a hit with campers finding magical objects, hiding, and howling their way through the forest. We also got to see plenty of cool animals including a rabbit, a few snakes, frogs, millipedes, and of course, plenty of crayfish! Campers filled out their week with some great whittling projects and even a chance to eat some ripening blackberries. It was truly a dirty, tired, and happy week!