July 11, 2017

Questions to ask your Woodpecker camper – Tuesday

If you’re curious about what your child has been up to in camp this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

Black feather camp (Stephanie’s group)

  • Tell me about Blackfeather camp. Where is it? How do you get there? Did you help build any forts there on Monday? What did you use to make the forts?
  • How do you play Park Ranger? What animal were you in the game? Did you ever get turned into a park ranger?
  • What critters have you seen at water time so far? What did they look like? Did you get to touch them? (HINT: northern water snake and crayfish)

Buffalo Camp (Nico’s Group)

  • On Monday your group played Bum Bum Bum. How do you play? Where did you play? What kind of jobs did your team act out?
  • Tell me about the turtle and the worm snake your group saw on Monday. Where did you see them? What did they look like? What were they doing?
  • On Tuesday your group had water time at the Eno River. How is it different from the creek you went to on Monday? What have you don’t at water time so far? Which spot did you like better?