June 30, 2022

Questions to Ask Your Egret Camper – Thursday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

Buffalo (Joe’s Group)
  • How was water time yesterday? Did you build anything cool? Did you catch any animals?
  • How do you play the game Camouflage? Where did you hide during the game? How many rounds did you make it? 
  • What activities have you been participating in during free time? Did you build a fort? 

Turtle (Claire’s Group)

  • On Wednesday we played Park Ranger. What animal were you? What are some of the characteristics of the animal you chose? Did you become a Park Ranger? How does someone become a Park Ranger? 
  • We played in the river a few times this week! What did you do while in the river? Did you participate in a splash battle? Look for critters (did you find any)? Build a dam? 
  • We played Dragon’s Egg today. How sneaky were you when approaching the Dragon? Did you successfully get one of the Dragon’s Eggs? What happened if the Dragon pointed at you?