June 30, 2022

Questions to Ask Your Growth Rings: New Horizons Camper – Thursday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

Gnarly Stump (Callie’s Group)
  • We’ve done some work on three different types of growth rings: whittling, plant identification, and fire building. Which activities did you find interesting? Did you see anything cool or make anything cool?
  • On Wednesday we went to a new water spot that was different from other spots. What was different about it? Did you like it? (Hint: it was deep enough to use PFDs – Personal Flotation Devices)
  • We’ve spent most of our time in two different places in the woods – Gnarly Stump and the Big Woods. How are they different? What kinds of things did you do at each place? What makes them good for those activities?

Blackfeather (Alexei’s Group)

  • In our game Monster Mash, the two “Monsters” swords were created from special objects, do you remember the stories behind their swords?  (Hint: One made his sword out of an ancient meteor with the purest finest metal, and one made his sword out of a rusty shopping cart from the parking lot of a Walmart.) How did the game work? Did you like the duel at the end?
  • We have gone to several different spots on the Eno River this week. Did you prefer being at the top of the dam or the bottom of the dam during water time? Why?
  • It’s Growth Rings week! What are the categories of Growth Rings? (Hint: Fire, Whittling, Plants, Snakes.) Have you tried to earn any of them? Which Growth Ring sounds most exciting to you? If you could create a fifth category of Growth Rings, what would it be?