April 6, 2018

Accept the Challenge Photo Gallery

Challenge made; challenge accepted! Our Accept the Challenge campers had a fun and exciting week filled with adventures of all kinds. They cruised through Team Challenges like the human knot, tennis ball, and crossing Meg’s Chocolate River. They fully embraced the Animal Challenges and were rewarded with a bunch of salamanders and crayfish. They put on their artistic hats to tackle the Creative Challenges like whittling, fort-building, and rock-stacking. And they rounded out their week with a series of Survival Challenges, including some practice with knot-tying, fire-making with flint and steel, and identifying edible plants. Of course, we made some time to play classic Schoolhouse games like Windigo, Werewolf, and Kick the Can. It was an incredible week full of incredible kids. Check out our photos below to see some of the fun!