July 2, 2018

Brumley Bushcraft: Compass & Map Photo Gallery

Our campers had a great week learning how to use a compass and map! Every camper got to try their hand at finding north, following bearings, playing navigation games, and reading maps. When we weren’t practicing our skills, this group was very excited to play games. We got to play some Schoolhouse classics like Beckon, Six Feathers, and Dragon’s Egg and some old school favorites like Kick the Can. Our week wouldn’t have been complete without playing a-fun-and-a-little-creepy game of Windigo. This group also got to see plenty of Brumley creatures including a box turtle, Northern Water Snake, salamanders, and plenty of crayfish! While it was a warm one, we stayed cool with plenty of creek time and made it to several different spots along Stony Creek. Check out our pictures to see more about our week!