August 13, 2018

Brumley Bushcraft: Shelter and Fire Photo Gallery

We’ll be honest, it might not have been the best week for fire making and shelter building 🙂 Campers did get some time to make debris huts early in the week, and many of the huts stayed dry in the rain (a great test of craftsmanship!). We didn’t get to all of our fire activities, but campers got to learn about fire making techniques and practice building their own fire pits and structures. Games were a huge hit with this group both in the forests and fields and in the tent and barn. We had a great time running (and howling) during Werewolf and Six Feathers and we kept our spirits high with rainy day games of Pranksters, Little Sally Walker, and Codebreakers. Creek time was another favorite time in camp with plenty of rock skipping, critter hunting, exploration, and splashing around. It was a wet one for sure, but also definitely a fun one!