August 2, 2019

Brumley Bushcraft: Survival Challenge Photo Gallery

Our bushcraft campers spent the week learning some skills to help them find the essentials for survival: food, water, and shelter. We had a great time collecting dew from the grass, learning about edible plants, building shelters, and practicing fire building with steel strikers and quartz or a bow drill! When we weren’t practicing our bushcraft skills we were busy playing some awesome rounds of games like Winidigo, Werewolf, and Scout Mission. Making survival bracelets, whittling, and creek time were other highlights of the week, not to mention finding plenty of great critters like a queen snake, crayfish, some awesome caterpillars, and millipedes! Whether it was raining or sunny, we were having a blast in Brumley Forest! Take a look at our photos to see some of the fun!