July 20, 2018

Flying Squirrel Photo Gallery

Flying Squirrel campers had a fantastic time rambling around the forest, running through the field, and cooling off in the creek. This week was full of games, crafts, whittling, and some great water time. Campers practiced their hiding and sneaking skills in games like Beckon and Eagle Eye, but the hit game of the week was Sock Wars. Campers dodged and ducked flying socks while trying to launch them at the other side, all the while trying to protect their Jedi! Creek time was another favorite of many campers with some choosing to catch crayfish, some wild splash wars, some creek construction, and plenty of exploring. Any time we had left was filled with storytelling, whittling, and some climbing around Viney Village. Check out our photo gallery to get a glimpse of our great week!