August 24, 2017

Folk Crafts Photo Gallery

We had some delightfully artsy campers in Folk Crafts camp this week. In addition to playing some Schoolhouse classics like Windigo and Werewolf and hunting around for critters like snakes and turtles, the campers were able to try their hand at several different crafts. Campers had the opportunity to do some weaving in crafts like dream-catchers, friendship bracelets and basket-making. They were also able to try some woodcrafting using a small handsaw and hand drill. Some campers tried making corn husk dolls, but the most popular craft with campers and counselors alike was the Japanese art of Dorodango–the practice of rolling mud balls until they are smooth and shiny. It was a fun and unique week. Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of our time in Brumley Forest!