July 9, 2018

Fox Photo Gallery

Our Fox campers had a fantastic week of games, creek time, storytelling, whittling and more! Whether it was a game of sailors competing against a sea monster, villagers trying to quietly steal a blind dragon’s eggs, or running to steal the six feathers, we had a great and imaginative time. We also saw some great animals this week including a box turtle, plenty of toads, praying mantises, a black rat snake, a worm snake, and of course, plenty of crayfish! We had a great week of camp whether we were getting muddy in the creek, wet in the rain, sweaty in the fields, or relaxed in the forest. Maybe you’ve already played Poison Dart Frog or Park Ranger in your home or yard? Maybe you’ve given up a potato peeler to whittling? We hope your camper had a great week! We think they did, but check out our photo gallery and decide for yourself.