April 8, 2022

Games of the Forest Photo Gallery

If your 5-7 year old camper loves games, then this was the week for them! We played games all over the park, from the forests to the open fields. Schoolhouse games can be big, wild, and exciting. Sometimes, they are quiet and strategic. One piece remains constant, and that’s the fact that we always strive to play with honor. Campers got to participate in thrilling games like Werewolf and Kneecoup . When we were feeling sneaky, we tried our hand at challenging stealth games such as Beckon and Northern Watersnake. The concept of playing with honor was used throughout the week to encourage campers to play their games conscientiously and fairly. This entire week was action-packed from start to finish!

Games of the Forest (Durham 3/28/2022-4/1/2022)