July 20, 2018

Growth Rings: Naturalist Adventure Photo Gallery

This was a jam-packed week learning all about our four growth ring topics: plant identification, fire building, snake identification and handling, and whittling. Many campers were inspired to learn about and practice their skills in these areas and many, many growth rings were earned. In fire building, campers learned how to light a match, practiced steel striker fires, and even got a chance to try a bow drill. We had a pretty good snake week and caught some northern water snakes, a queen snake, and a black rat snake. Campers interested in whittling got to practice their skills by whittling flat-sided objects, butter knives, and few even started some wooden spoons! It’s a fun time to learn about plants in Brumley Forest because some edible plants are ripening (blackberries and autumn olives). Campers got to make plant presses and press some samples to practice their identification skills. Any extra time was filled with some great creek time (crayfish!) and game-playing (Windigo!). It was a great week with campers leaving with plenty of new skills – check out some of our photos to see what our week was like!