July 11, 2018

Growth Rings: Naturalist Skills Photo Gallery

This week, we focused on developing our skills in a variety of areas, including whittling, fire-building, plant identification, snake-handling and more! We kicked off our week with some tips for safe whittling and soon were off on the hunt to find cedar and other kinds of ideal whittling woods. The search for good whittling sticks led us on the search for good tinder and kindling, as we learned about different methods of fire-building. Our daily forest hikes became filled with looking for snakes, and learning about the native and edible plants. As much as we loved building upon our naturalist skills and achieving growth rings, we made sure to include plenty of water time to cool off during our hot days. We even got to try some rock-jumping, and hiked out to Sennet’s Hole. Even with all that, we managed to squeeze in a few classic Schoolhouse games including Six Feathers and Windigo.