August 7, 2016

Last Week in Otter Camp

Last week in Otter Camp was awesome! We had plenty of special guests including worms, beetles, a box turtle, butterflies, turkey vultures, a heron, frogs, toads, and a skink! We also had a few special characters show up in our story telling and games. Campers heard many stories about the gremlin and Puffball, the evil kitten. The gremlin started out quite mean and tried to capture all of the creatures of the forest, but they banded together and escaped. The animals didn’t stop there and found all of the potion ingredients to make the gremlin nice again! With a nice gremlin on their side, the animals continued to evade their new enemy – Puffball. Classic Schoolhouse games like knee-coup, park ranger, and beaver tag were hits as well. Creek time was a highlight for many campers. There was time to explore the creek, splash around, sculpt things out of mud/clay, catch cray fish and skip rocks. Forts and fairy homes were built, nature art was created, and even some grass crowns were woven! It was a great week. Check out some pictures of Otter Camp!