May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020 Update Regarding Summer Camp Refunds

May 1, 2020 5:00 PM
We can’t thank you enough for the patience, generosity of spirit, and benefit of the doubt shown to us by so many during these unusually difficult times.
As promised, following the announcement of our canceled summer season, we’ve worked closely with our board of directors to determine the best path forward given the circumstances. It’s been anything but straightforward. Earlier this week, I shared an update that referenced our cancellation policy’s “pandemic clause,” which states that no refunds will be given in circumstances such as these. I shared this information not to imply or foreshadow a result, rather to provide insight into where we started, and why it’s taken so long to untangle this complicated and stubborn knot.
Here’s the answer that everyone’s been waiting for — we can refund 75% of current, paid registrations for all Schoolhouse 2020 summer camps.
This decision represents a reconciliation of the policies established to protect and ensure our nonprofit’s ongoing existence and our deepfelt responsibility to our campers and their families. It also avoids immediate bankruptcy, and gives us at least a fighting chance for Schoolhouse to serve kids and families again at some time in the future.
There are only a few of us still employed here. And we’ll work as hard as we possibly can to process your refunds as quickly as we can while continuing to pilot Schoolhouse at Your House online camps for our spring camp families who chose to participate.
If you have the time and energy and are curious, I hope you’ll learn more about why and how we came to this decision by visiting our FAQ page. As usual, we’ve been extremely transparent about this process — wishes, warts, and all.
  • If after reading our FAQ page you want to share compliments and send big love to our staff please email them at
  • If after reading our FAQ page you have questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact me directly at or, starting on Monday, call my personal cell phone at (919) 768-3089 if you’d like to have a conversation.
Processing refunds on this scale is something that we’ve never done before and is a massive, manual undertaking.  Please be as patient as you can, given the enormous stress that we’re sure some of you may be experiencing.
Stay safe and be well. I wholeheartedly believe that we’re all doing the best we can and I thank each of you for that.
Wendy Tonker, MPA
Executive Director