December 15, 2022

New Earlier Drop Off Time (Durham and Orange)

We added 15 minutes to our drop-off window at our Durham and Orange locations. Starting this summer campers can be dropped off at 8:00 am.


Why are we making this change? This one is simple – because our camper’s grown ups asked us to. 15 minutes can make the difference in getting to work on time or not; being able to grab your favorite morning drink before the meeting starts; or having a few moments to catch your breath. We welcome campers at 8am, at 9am, or anywhere in between. Choose whatever works best for your family.


Why can’t we open at 8:00am in Wake? Great question. We would love to but 8:15 am is our earliest possible start time at Umstead State Park because the gate doesn’t open until 8:00 am and our staff do need a few minutes to drive in and get ready for the day. As we open additional locations in Wake County our goal is to start at 8:00 am.


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