August 31, 2018

New Games: Running and Cunning Photo Gallery

Imagination and creativity were the themes of the week as campers invented new games and played some classic Schoolhouse games with new twists. Campers had a blast as they battled double Windigos, fought off (and became) werewolves,  stole feathers and tails, and searched for hidden objects in Brumley Forest. Creek time was a highlight this week and campers had a great time catching crayfish, making mud and clay creations, splashing, and skipping rocks. It was a good week for finding animals of Brumley and campers were excited to see two tiny baby northern water snakes, a rough green snake, crayfish, and a box turtle. Whittling, tree and vine climbing, and storytelling filled up any free minutes we had. Enjoy a peek into our week with our New Games photo gallery!