November 28, 2019

New in 2020: Classic, Specialty, and Overnight Camps

As you peruse our camp offerings for 2020, you may notice something new. Starting this year, camps will be classified into one of three categories: classic, specialty, and overnight. Here’s what that means:
These are the award-winning Schoolhouse of Wonder camps you know and love — a unique environment of kindness, respect, learning, and nature-based outdoor adventures where your child can make new friends and learn new skills.
As many of you know, our team of instructors make Schoolhouse special. Many organizations only hire instructors for summer which limits who can work with them. Yet, along with our wonderful seasonal staff, we have worked to hire, train, and support a year-round staff of professional mentors and educators. As a result, we are excited to take a few of our classic camps to a heightened level of fun and adventure this summer!
Extending our outdoor adventures to sunset and beyond is a favorite of our campers and staff alike! Overnight camps offer a unique one-night opportunity to explore and grow in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. Our overnight camps are held rain or shine and offer an array of extraordinary experiences that can range from cooking over a campfire, a twilight dip in the river or creek, and a chance to sleep under the stars.