August 31, 2018

Opossum Photo Gallery

Our Opossum week was a great finale to the summer! Campers enjoyed fantastic weather as they rambled and romped through Brumley Forest. Farmer Jones and Heeton the alien challenged campers to sneak, run, and explore the forest in Kick the Can and Scout Mission. We got to steal feathers, throw socks, and run for it in a few other classic Schoolhouse games like Six Feathers, Sock Wars, and the ever-favorite Park Ranger. It was a great week for wildlife and we got to see, and sometimes touch, two tiny northern water snakes, a big northern water snake, a baby snapping turtle, a box turtle, a dozen amazing caterpillars, crayfish, and fungi in about every color of the rainbow! We got muddy in the creek, climbed in the vines, whittled and built forts- check out a few photos to get a glimpse into the fun we had!