June 22, 2017

Questions to ask your 4 Elements camper – Thursday

If you’re curious about what your child has been up to in camp this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…


1) The group explored a new spot along the tributary that feeds into the creek on Tuesday.  The spot was instantly a favorite! What made it such a cool spot?  What critters did you find there?  
2) Wednesday was “fire day.” What materials do you need to start a fire?  Do you need any of the other elements when building the fire?  What primitive fire-building technique did you get to try? Was it easy or difficult?  
3) Now that you have explored all 4 elements, what is your favorite? Has it changed from Tuesday or remained the same? Why or why not? 
Silly Bonus: Would you rather eat s’mores every single day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner OR would you rather never be able to eat s’mores for the rest of your life?  Would you rather be able to shoot water from your finger tips OR shoot fire out of your finger tips? Would you rather be able to shoot wind from your finger tips OR earth out of your finger tips?