July 20, 2017

Questions To Ask Your Reptile Wrangler Camper

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

TURTLE CAMP (Nico’s Group)

  • How many different snakes has your group found this week? Where have you found them? How have you been able to tell them apart? Why do some of them smell bad? Have you gotten to touch a snake? What kind? (HINT: black racer, northern water snakes, and a very stinky queen snake that musked on a camper!)
  • On Wednesday your group played 6 Feathers with the Gnarly Stump group. Did your team “play with honor?” How? Did you get any tails in the game?
  • Tell me about your excursion to the Secret Beach on Thursday. How do you get there? What is it like there? Did you see any reptiles?


  • Your group has seen all kind of reptiles this week including snakes, skinks, and lots of turtles! Where have you seen all of these critters? How can you tell the difference between a queen snake and a northern water snake? Have you gotten to touch any of these animals? What did they feel like?
  • Scout Mission and 6 Feathers are two group games you have played so far this week. How are they different? How do you win these games? Which one do you like better? Why?
  • On Thursday your group trekked out to Sennett’s Hole for water time. Did you float in the swimming hole? How was the water? What else did you do there? Did you see any turtles? What were they doing?