August 1, 2017

Questions To Ask Your River Critters Camper – Tuesday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

TURTLE CAMP (Robin’s Group)

  1. So far you have explored a couple of different water time spots. Have you found any river critters so far? What kind? How is a queen snake different from a northern water snake? (queen snake is smaller and solid brown, northern water snake is larger with diamond shaped bands across the back – both are non-venomous)
  2. On Tuesday your group played 6 Feathers by the mill. How do you play? What are some ways to “play with honor” in 6 Feathers? Did either team win?
  3. Tell me about the jumping rock. Did you jump off of it? How did you get there? Was it scary? Was it fun?


  1. So far this week you have explored Warren Creek and Crooked Creek. How are they different? Which did you like better? What kinds of critters did you find at the creeks? Did you get to touch any of them? What did they feel like? (HINT: mussels, fish, and water snakes)
  2. On Tuesday you got to see a black racer snake! Where did you see it? What did it look like? Do you know why they are called racers? Did you see it move? (HINT: they are very fast snakes)
  3. Tell me about your game of Sock Wars. How do you play? Who was your “Jedi?” What does the Jedi do in the game? How do you win the game? Did either team win?