July 27, 2017

Questions To Ask Your Summer Songs Camper – Thursday

If you’re wondering what your camper has been up to this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

  1. Wednesday the group played scout mission.  Our favorite thing about scout mission is that it is never the same mission.  What was your mission?  Did your group succeed?  Where did you hide during the game?
  2. This group has lived up to their “summer songs” camp theme.  What new songs have you learned?  Do you have a favorite?  
  3. Thursday the group learned about frog calls.  What was your favorite frog call?  Did any of the calls sound familiar?  Take a moment and learn a few calls with your child! We focused on 10 frogs today but there are more than 10 in North Carolina.  If you would like to learn more or review the ones your camper learned today they are located here.