June 27, 2017

Questions to ask your Wild Architects camper ( Tuesday )

If you’re curious about what your child has been up to in camp this week, here are some questions to get the conversation started…

TURTLE CAMP (Stephanie’s Group)

  • This week in camp your group is working on building different kinds of forest structures. What kinds of structure have you built so far? Where did you build them? What did you use to build them?
  • Tell me about your game of 6 Feathers on Monday. What are the rules? Did anyone win the game? Did you get any feathers or tails during the game?
  • So far your group has seen several snakes at water time. What did they look like? Were they big or small? What kind of snakes were they? (HINT: northern water snakes and queen snakes)


  • What kind of structures has your group built at Gnarly Stump Camp so far? What do they look like? What have you used to build them? Where is Gnarly Stump Camp? What does it look like?
  • Your group has played Beckon and 6 Feathers so far this week. How are these games different? Where did you play them? How do you win? Which did you like better?
  • So far this week you have explored Warren Creek and the Eno River for water time. How are these spots different? What have you done at water time? Have you seen any animals?